Just in time for Halloween, the animated light-painting video 'Light goes on' by THELIGHTPAINTERS member 'Darius Twin' is finished and ready for prime-time! 

This project was a HUGE undertaking for BF Goodrich Tires company, and the Martin Agency. Cars were decked-out in performance-controlled LED lights across an airfield in Orange County, CA. It was a pleasure to work with such a strategic, and tecnologically innovative project with the likes of Shaun White and other racers. Luckily, no one hit us while we tried to capture the action! Check out the Video here.

Reebok flew three light artists to Miami, FL to collaborate on a project high-lighting the release of thier new ReeLight Classic's shoe-line. Dana Maltby (TCB), Vicki DaSilva, and Darren Pearson (Darius Twin) were involved working with master portrait photographer Christain Lantry. See the Video here.